Updates for May – June 2015

Published on 05/20/15

Pollard, Dan and Carol

Update: May 16, 2015


Our family is fine. We’re enjoying getting together with our 4 daughters and families here in Salem for birthdays, etc. The next big event is our grandson’s wedding coming up June 13. Then on June 14 I return to our church in Ukraine once again. We’re still trying to get the paperwork on the church there completed, and hopefully that’ll be soon.

Since we can’t consider getting gas to the building until the paperwork is completed, that is still in the future. The other big issue is the cost and availability of gas, since most of it comes from Russia. Even if we could get connected and it doesn’t get turned off, the cost of gas is very high and continuing to climb. We purchased a utility trailer the last time I was on the field. There are lots of wood lots around the church’s city, where we can get firewood. So, that’ll be one of the summer projects. We’ll try to get enough to last through next winter.

Many of you have been praying for Tonya. Her brain cancer is growing again, and there is no more surgery or chemo that will help. Please continue to pray for her and her family. She is 29 years old, has an 8 year old son and unsaved husband. Please pray that God will work in their hearts, and that He’ll give us wisdom to say and do the right things. I baptized Tonya two years ago, and her mother and brother and his family are members of our church.

With the continued increase of Russian troops, tanks and other heavy artillery inside eastern Ukraine, it is obvious that the war is not going to go away. There is much speculation about what and where the next big battle will be, but there is no doubt by authorities that it will happen. If things escalate, it might mean the end of missionaries going to Ukraine. Please continue to pray for peace for Ukraine, and for safety for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the war zone. Robberies and unspeakable things are taking place there all the time. It’s not safe for Americans to go to eastern Ukraine or the Crimea, but for now, everything is peaceful in Barishivka, where the church is. In fact we will be working on the possibility of housing refugees in the church, especially if things escalate in the east. That will take much prayer and planning, as well as additional resources, but God id able.

I’ve been working on several projects while at home in Salem. One is the comb binding machine I purchased to make up the booklets for the DM2 seminars. By doing them ourselves, we can cut the cost in half, and produce as many or few as needed. There are more seminars besides the Romans seminars we already had in our church. Another project is to record the seminars in Russian onto the computer, so they can be copied to DVD and flash drives. Then they can be sent to places where we cannot go. And places where the seminar is held can go back and review the material in more depth. Once the videos are in the hands of people there, they can copy and spread it to many other places.

I had hoped to go to Vanino, Russia (where we built the church in 1993) this summer, to help put on the Romans 1-8 seminar, but after considering several things and talking to some people, I felt that it was better for me not to go. Mark Musser, a pastor from Olympia, Washington, still plans to go. Please be in prayer that he will be able to conduct the seminar in Vanino without any problems. Since I was banned from Russia in 1999, I don’t know if I could get a visa. And, even if I was able to obtain a visa, I could be denied entry to Russia. It’s highly likely that I would be noticed by the FSB (new form of KGB), as they kept track of me in the past. They even told one of our people that they had lost track of me once, when I flew home from Russia. So, I decided that it was better for me not to go at this time.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.